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Subject: For Sale: 1995 Jose Romero Classe 1A Concert Falmenco Guitar
Tue, 05/03/2016 at 10:54:51 AM EDT - El~Kabong !!! writes:

Hello all;

It's been a very long time since I've posted here. Some of you may remember me; newer members may not.
The reason I haven't posted in a few years now is due to the fact that I'm simply not playing flamenco guitar anymore. Sad but true...

Hence the sale of a few of my flamenco guitars.

First up is this great '95 Romero blanca...


"The Spanish luthier José Romero is a fine craftsmen who learned his trade in the workshop of José Ramirez, but is now concentrating on making his mark in the world of flamenco guitars.

This impeccably crafted, handmade guitar uses fine woods of the highest quality. This concert flamenco possess a wonderful, burning flamenco voice, and a great Flamenco snarl!
The trebles are clear and concentrated. The basses are firm. The balance between trebles and basses is excellent. All of this, in a very musical instrument-- that possess all the qualities one expects in a great flamenco guitar."

*The above was borrowed from Zavaletas site because it perfectly describes this Romero guitar as well!*

This is undoubtedly one of the best flamenco guitars I have ever owned.

The specs are:

Top: German Spruce
Back & Sides: Royal Spanish Cypress
Scale: 655mm
Nut: 52.5 mm
Tuners: Fusteros “Antiguas"

Although it is 21 years old; this guitar has not seen much play. I believe it to be one of the proverbial “Kept under the bed in its case” guitars. Truly!
Yet when you play it; it has all the sounds of a well matured & played in instrument. The action is incredibly easy The response is instant! It is a featherweight guitar & thus incredibly lively in sound.

Condition is amazing. The soundboard has almost no signs of play.
There are a few minor scratches & tiny dings on the sides; but nothing major. The back does have a few belt buckle marks in the finish. But nothing ‘through’ or into the wood. All, purely cosmetic scuffing. So minor I couldn’t even capture it for these pics.

Fingerboard & frets like new.

Comes with a mint condition “Superior” hardshell case

These ‘standard’ versions of Jose Romeros guitars are listed on the internet for $6,000.00 ‘plus’ on most sites. (Please check). My asking price is $4800.00 USD (OBO) + S&H

I have had many eBay transactions. My eBay username is el-kabong! Please check it too see that I have had 461 All Positive transactions there with no negatives at all.

Feel free to contact me with any questions . I’ll be happy to oblige.

*** I will post pics later today***

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For Sale: 1995 Jose Romero Classe 1A Concert Falmenco G... (by El~Kabong !!!, Tue, 05/03/2016 at 10:54:51 AM EDT)
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