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Buleria Falseta

Advance Buleria Falseta by Tino van der Sman
Cost: $7.0

In this lesson, Tino plays and demonstrates an advance buleria falseta which is filled with grooves and attractive effects. This falseta is not too difficult to learn, but to be able to play it at normal speed is quite challenging because of the syncopations and the groove.

Find out how Tino uses rasqueados, golpes and other effects for this driving falseta.

This lesson includes 3 videos, demonstrating the falseta at normal and slow speed, also demonstrating the rasqueado used. Additionally, music transcription is provided in standard notation and guitar tab. Click on the preview link to hear the falseta.

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anonymous writes:
this one is a little difficult for me. the compas is not easy. but I like the challenge,, I think I can get it with some practice... the slow video is very good. I like how it shows the count. good job.

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