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Rasqueado and Golpe

Rasqueado And Golpe Techniques And Their Applications
Cost: $18.0

In this lesson, Ricardo demonstrates several different rasqueado techniques and shows how they can be used in different palos such as Solea, Alegria, Buleria, Tangos, Verdiales, Solea por Buleria, Siguiriyas, Fandangos, Sevillanas. He demonstrates, modern and traditional rasgueados, using a-m-i, i-a-i, x-a-m-i, p-a-i, p-a-p, abanico and more.

Furthermore, he shows various golpe techniques and how you can use them. This lesson contains more than 45 video clips accompanied by transcription and text to provide additional information.

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Bindu from England writes:
All I can say is Wow !!

At first its a bit frustrating not being able to get the timing - then all of a sudden Eureka it sounds wonderful. Great lesson - Thank you

Slow Speed Video was so valuable. It Would be nice to be able to repeat (loop) a small section of a film.

Rita de Los Angeles from Germany/Los Angeles writes:
I think this is one of the best (m,i) rasqueado exercises I've seen for Bulerias "Jerez" style. Love it! The only thing I would add is a little commentary that when you hit the strings, try to hit them like a 'drum' to create that real flamenco sound. Another analogy is to hit the strings like you are flicking a fly to create that drum effect.

anonymous writes:
Outstanding lesson. Covers a ton of technique.

anonymous writes:
Wow! There is so much covered in this lesson. Definitely worth the money. Even shows various compas, like fandangos and sevillanas! The best lesson on the site so far!

I love the breakdown of the techniques and also the multiple camera angles. Good job guys!

anonymous writes:
anonymous decided not to leave review notes.

Adam from Oly, WA writes:
Great lesson. Might look a bit pricey, but there's a lot of stuff to work on here, so it's certainly worth it. The fundamentals are explained and demonstrated clearly & there's a good amout of extra bits covering the nuances. There's a lot

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