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Learn flamenco guitar. Flamenco guitar lessons, falsetas, and flamenco discussion forum. Purchase instructional books and Videos.

Flamenco Lessons
Our ever expanding flamenco lessons section contains flamenco guitar lessons, for the beginner student and the professional player, alike. We are constantly adding new flamenco guitar lessons, so you can always look forward to learning something new.

Flamenco Tablature
Our falsetas section features user-contributed flamenco transcriptions from some of today's most exciting performers (including Paco de Lucia, Moraito, and Miguel de la Bastide), traditional falsetas from legendary flamenco guitarists such as Diego del Gastor, and original falsetas by contributors around the world. Help us grow by contributing your own falsetas!

Flamenco Forum
Have a question about flamenco technique? Get advice from professional flamenco guitarists, flamenco teachers, and other flamenco students, on the best flamenco discussion forum on the web. Still can't find an answer? Perform a keyword search on over 45,000 archived posts!

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