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Terms and Conditions of Membership and Use

The primary objective for this website is to provide you with the best possible way using the Internet to learn more about the art of flamenco. These agreement clauses are prepared to protect the site and the teachers from abuse and misuse, and also to provide you, our clients, with the best service possible. Your membership is only valid when you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following:
  • You must agree to provide correct information, including email address and other demographical information. Any false information may result in termination of your membership.
  • You must agree NOT to share your username/password with anyone else. You are hereby notified that your activities and interactions with this website are monitored for statistical and fair use. Any activity that would indicate violation of usage agreements will result in account suspension without any reimbursement of funds.
  • The site is not limited to a certain media type. Currently, most of the media files are in real audio or real video format. However, lesson material can come in other media formats such as MP3, MPEG, QuickTime. It is your responsibility to download the players for those media formats.
  • The lesson prices may change without any prior notification. This includes specials, discounts, group lessons, and other business decisions. You will not be forced to pay extra for a lesson that you already paid for, and you will not be refunded if the new price is lower than what you originally paid.
  • Lesson materials may NOT be explicitly saved by you on your hard drive without prior permission. This includes videos, images and text sections of all lessons, paid or free.
  • Your account balance is non-refundable under any circumctances. Any deposit made, will have to be used towards lessons.
  • The payment process is a shared process between and third party companies such as PayPal. If there is ever a problem while processing your payment, will try its best to resolve it. But if the source of the problem is beyond our domain, you are responsible to contact the third party company used to send in the payment.
  • This membership agreement may change at any time without prior notice. The changes will be published by email.
  • Your membership is valid for the lifetime of this website and under the current owner. Should this site change owners or go off-line, the current owner does NOT have any obligation to return any funds. The current owner, however, is obligated to notify the members, by email, of any changes in ownership or changes in the life the site no more than 60 days before such changes take place.
  • Support is only available on technical issues related to the website and will be provided by email. No other type of support will be provided.
  • No promises, claims, or guarantees are made that you will improve your musical ability, by using the materials on this site.
  • We are not responsible for any disruptions of service, including (but not limited to) poor connectivity, server errors, acts of nature, or inaccessibility due to site maintenance.
  • We are not responsible for any damage which may occur to your computer hardware or software, through the use of any materials contained on this site.
  • We are not responsible for any bodily pain, damage, or discomfort associated with the use of any materials on this site.
  • Any attempts to damage, impair, circumvent, or hinder the performance, security, or integrity of this site, shall result in the immediate termination of your membership. Examples of such attempts include (but are not limited to):
    • Providing false or inaccurate personal information, including fraudulent email addresses;
    • Disruptive, threatening, profane, vulgar, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate postings on this site's message board;
    • Threatening, vulgar, offensive, unsolicited, or otherwise inappropriate emails to members/participants of this site;
    • Actions or behaviors which may reasonably be construed as inappropriate, as determined by the site's administrators.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all materials on this site are © 1999-2004, Ramin Rad. All rights reserved. Except for personal use, or unless otherwise stated, you may not copy, reproduce, rebroadcast, extract, or "deep-link" to any material on this site, without prior written consent.

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