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We have compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions in which you might find the answer to a question you might have. Please visit this page before contacting us as we update this FAQ list.
  • How much is membership? Membership is FREE! Why should you join? Well, you will have to log in to take free lessons and hear/watch the preview clips. Some of the free lessons/previews are open to all without having to log in.

  • How does this work? You sign up for membership. You get your password in the email you provide. Then you login and browse around the lesson area. If you click on a lesson, you will see a description of the lesson. Some lessons will have a preview clip (mostly audio).

    If you want to buy a lesson, you deposit money using PayPal (credit card, or echeck) and start buying the lessons you like until you run out of credit then you can deposit for more credit.

  • Once I pay for a lesson, how long do I have it for? The current plan is forever. We think of the lesson material as a book or a video you buy. However, sometimes we may have to retire some of the lessons because they are less popular and we don't want to accumulate maintenance costs. In those cases, the customers who paid for the lessons will be notified and they would be allowed to download the lesson material. Although downloading and storing lesson materials is not allowed, but this case would be one exception.

  • I just want to take one lesson, why do I have to pay the minimum $40? In addition to the current lessons, we are adding lots more useful lessons for all levels so hopefully you will be walking away with at least a few neat falsetas and other tricks. Maintaining this website and creating lessons is not cheap. So we can't cater to people who just want one $8 lesson.

    After you deposit the first $40, then your minimum deposit will be $25. If you insist that you only want to take 1 or 2 lessons which will cost less than $25, that can be arranged, but then you will have to pay the payment processing fees. Contact support to find out the details.

  • Why the new site? There were two main problems with the previous generations of the website. The first problem was that it was based on open subscription where new members would get access to every thing as soon as they joined, as opposed to earn access to lessons gradually. What is wrong with that? Well, if you have been a member for 3 years and I just joined today, I just paid 3 times less than you did for the same number of lessons. That was not fair to older members.

    The second problem was that the lessons were geared towards beginner students. The more advanced players wouldn't see an advantage in signing up. Why should an experienced student/player be forced to pay for a lesson on rasqueado just because they want to learn one falseta?

    There were other problems too. The quality of the lesson materials (video, audio, tab and notations) weren't standardized. There was no description or preview for the lessons. There were no close-up shots on the right hand.

  • What happened to all lessons from the previous system? All the "member lessons and falsetas" have been migrated to the new system. It looks like less number of lessons because some of the older lessons and falsetas have been grouped into one lesson so the pricing is justified. For example, the lesson 'Rasqueado' in the current system is a collection of 7 lessons from the previous system. (Read the description for it.)

  • What happened to my membership? All existing members that were still valid as of 2/1/2004 have been migrated to the new system and all the member lessons that were part of the previous generation, have been marked paid for the existing members. So you should have access to all the lessons and falsetas from the previous generation if you were still a valid member as of 2/1/2004. If not, contact support.

    I still haven't decided what to do with the expired members. Obviously they paid for something. It's just hard to determine what that something is! So that decision is still pending. But nothing stops them from joining again and take new lessons that they are interested in.

  • I have been a member for a long time and I was told that the new owner will give us one year worth of free lessons. What happened? That promise is still honored. The lessons you will get for free will be from the owner of the site, Ramin Rad. You should see those lessons soon. You will not receive credit to be used for lessons by other teachers.

  • I don't want to give you my primary email address. We just need one email address that we can identify you with; we don't care if it's your primary or secondary email address. But you have to use the same email address with PayPal. If you use a different email address with PayPal than the one you give us, then your payments through PayPal will not go to your account automatically.

  • Can I pay by check? Only if it's certified check or money order. Contact support to ask for an address to mail the check to. Once we receive your money order or certified check, then we will credit your account appropriately.

  • What are the steps to deposit money? The following shows the steps you will go through to deposit money:

    1. Login to your flamenco-teacher account and click on the deposit button.

    2. Fill out the deposit form, check that your email address matches that of PayPal (if you are paying with a PayPal Account and not a credit card), read the important notes and then click on the Deposit Button. This will take you to PayPal's site where you can pay with a Credit Card or a PayPal account.

    3. Once you are on PayPal's site, login to your PayPal account, if you have one. And if you don't click on the button to pay with a credit card.

    4. Once the payment is submitted, PayPal will redirect you back to our site. In order to see your deposit please log out and wait a few seconds and then log back in.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Will I get spam from you? We don't do that. We respect your privacy. We will send out occasional announcement and notices. If you don't want to receive any of that, then we can remove your email address from our distribution list.

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