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Rumba Strumming II

Rumba strumming, Gipsy Kings style
Cost: $16.0

In this lesson, Ricardo reveals the forbidden secret of rumba strumming, the Gipsy Kings style. The lesson covers 5 distinct patterns, with 2 additional variations. All patterns are broken down in detail and demonstrated at close range on video. Each pattern also includes the normal speed to give you the feel of what it should sound like. Additional detail is provided in the text and transcription.

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anonymous writes:
Excellent teacher! Deep knowledge!

anonymous writes:
This is a nice set of rumba strumming patterns. Also, for those interested in accompanying flamenco dancers, I suspect practicing these patterns would be useful for building-up strength in the wrist of the strumming hand.

anonymous writes:
great job!

anonymous writes:
anonymous decided not to leave review notes.

anonymous writes:
anonymous decided not to leave review notes.

anonymous writes:
Recomend to every one who wants to learn Rumba. Very well done.

anonymous writes:
anonymous decided not to leave review notes.

anonymous writes:
anonymous decided not to leave review notes.

anonymous writes:
very well presented!

Bindu from England writes:
I love this lesson top notch - absolutely 100% worth every penny. A little patience and lots of practice and you will soon be playing and sounding just as in the video preview.

I hope there is a follow up.

anonymous writes:
Fantastic lesson! The patterns shown are fun to play (rumba is fun, what can you do?) and Ricardo shows them great and the explanations accompanied are clear. Top notch lesson, thanks!

anonymous writes:
anonymous decided not to leave review notes.

stephen from Ft Washington, Md. USA writes:
Your Rumba lessons kick major butt! I hope to be able to become a student of your once again in the very near future.

JRLuna from PA-USA writes:
Just bought my first lesson, and my fingers don't want to type, they want to play!!!

josh sulfaro from toledo ohio writes:
josh sulfaro decided not to leave review notes.

troy-gtrsoul from pa writes:
This lesson is easy to follow and very versatile..oh and did I mention, alot of fun..absolutely a must
thanx to ricardo and ramin

anonymous writes:
anonymous decided not to leave review notes.

Ibish from Stockholm, Sweden writes:
This is very high class and excellent Rumba lesson and if Flamenco hade charged 100 dollars for this lesson I would easely have payed. This lesson is worth its "weight in gold".
If you are in love with Guitarplaying that is.

Zack from Mexico writes:
These are very useful and easy to understand lessons for Gipsy Kings style strumming. There are more strumming patterns than I have seen in any book or have learned with any teacher. The only suggestion I can make to this talented teacher is to include a l

MarkMc from Portland, Or writes:
This is a wonderfull lesson. Richard teaches this very well also. This will give me something to work on for a long time. A definate crowd pleaser! Thanks for the forbidden secrets!

anonymous writes:
anonymous decided not to leave review notes.

panchito from Tejas writes:
Great for getting started on Rumba, and also may have some new right hand patterns for you pros.

hskhaB .H fanaM from California, Fresno writes:
thank you ive been looking for someone to teach me this style of rumba....finaly i can learn it by my self. the instructions walk you through every step; it explains everything. the results are amazing ! thanks for everyone who pa

noi de la platja from barcelona writes:
Excellent. Clearly explained and videos well recorded. Just a bit expensive IMO, but again, in spanish standards. Here you can hire an hour class for 15/20 and books are cheaper than in USA.

Diego from Canada writes:
Awsome!!!! This lesson is excellent. I like details and lots of it is provided. I always wanted to learn how to play rumba.

mhynes from canada writes:
mhynes decided not to leave review notes.

James Ashley Mayer from Portland, Oregon writes:
This is an excellent lesson! You would have to pay 10 times the amount to get this many variations in face to face lessons. Not to mention you would have to have your own video camera.

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