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Madera Sonora - By Ricardo Marlow

Washington DC-based flamenco guitarist, Ricardo Marlow, releases his first flamenco CD. Coming from a family of musicians, Ricardo has been influenced by flamenco's greatests such as Paco de Lucia, and Gerardo Nuñez.

This work represents Ricardo's vast understanding and respect for flamenco.

Tracks: Bulerias, Rondeña, Rumba, Solea por Bulerias, Bulerias, Tanguillo, Alegrias, Tangos, Bulerias, Solea.

For more information and samples, visit his website:

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Reviews by others:
JeremyW from CA wrote: Liked Ricardo's style from the lessons on Flamenco-Teacher, and expected a good CD. This is a terrific one! Full of drive, technique and fine compositions.

henry minogue from ireland wrote: great album, great playing. looking forward to the next one. un abrazo de irlanda henry

Michelob from NYC wrote: I wholeheartedly praise Ricardo's virtuosity and his refreshing novel compositions, yet never failing the strictest traditions of Flamenco. Ricardo's work is a "must" in any Flamenco Library.

anonymous wrote: Awesome album Ricardo! Congrats! - Don

Marcus from Florida wrote: Very beautiful Tanguillo and Tango. Thank you for allowing me to live the compass of flamenco vicariously through your music. Keep doing what your doing.

CALLIOGLU from Turkey in Istanbul wrote: Very very nice album. Great sound and guitar tone. I like your compositions. Good Luck My Friend ;)

Matic from Slovenia wrote: Got it today. Can't say anything others haven't already - it's a fabulous piece of art. Thank you Ricardo!

Denali from Alaska wrote: Well worth the wait! Ricardo's precision is incredible. Fantastic compositions. Such a student of flamenco and the instrument. Also, Kudos to TK- I can smell the polish on that Conde!

Henrik from Sweden wrote: Its ealisy one of the best flamenco guitar cds i have, And the sound is great. You play with such great dynamics. It´s OLÈ!! All over

Arash from Germany wrote: Breath-taking debut flamenco guitar solo CD. Definately one of the best CDs i ever bought. Flamenco guitar at its best, played with heart and soul. Oleeeeee

Errol Putigna from West Palm Beach, Florida wrote: Well.... there's just not enough great things that I can say about the CD. I just got it the other day and I've played the crap out of it. I can't get enough. Fantastic compositions. They are all very personal. The rumba is very catchy and unique. The Sole

Bonvillain from Colorado wrote: Outstanding. This CD hasn't left rotation in my car since I got it. Very nicely done. Ricardo is a badass.

Todd from U.S.A. wrote: Great writing, great playing, great sound. If you're a solo flamenco guitar fan, you simply MUST have this CD. 5 out of 5 stars.

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