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King Street - By Duende Camarón

The second CD of Duende Camarón is now available. Based in Washington DC, Duende Camarón brings you their music which is greatly influenced by flamenco, rumba Catalán and other genres. To hear sample music, please visit their website.
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Reviews by others:
Gus McCrae from Culpeper, VA wrote: This group, comprised of the two Oretea brothers, is amazing. If you like or love the Gypsy Kings, Gypsyland, etc, you'll love this group but go see them on Friday nights at Tutto Bene's in Arlington

Reddog from Warrenton, VA wrote: I saw this group recently at Tutto Bene's in Arlington, Va. Their 2nd CD is great but they're incredible live. These two brothers can really play some great music!!!!

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