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Tino - By Tino van der Sman

After the success of his first CD, Tino, a long-time resident of Sevilla, has release his second CD which includes brilliant compositions which explore many angles of flamenco guitar.

  • Calle De La Luz - Solea por Buleria
  • Plaza Del Potro - Seguiriyas
  • Calle Almensilla - Guajiras
  • San Luis - Taranta
  • El Pelicano - Garrotin
  • Plaza Cabildo - Milonga
  • La Plazuela - Bulerias
  • Memory Lane
Visit his site for sample music.
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Reviews by others:
Henry Minogue from Ireland wrote: great cd. got this from tino himself in sanlucar last year.the solea por buleria and the buleria are the highlight pieces for myself.pity his first album is out of print at the moment.

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